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Name:Garyn Balvadares
When earth is sundered, and skies choked black,
And sleepers serve the seven curses,
To the hearth there comes a stranger,
Journeyed far 'neath moon and star.

Though stark-born to sire uncertain,
His aspect marks his certain fate.
Wicked stalk him, righteous curse him.
Prophets speak, but all deny.

Many trials make manifest
The stranger's fate, the curses' bane.
Many touchstones try the stranger.
Many fall, but one remains.

Garyn is a Dark Elf, born in the Imperial City on a certain day to uncertain parents. Raised by the Imperial Chapel Orphanage until roughly the age of twelve, he fell through atypical circumstances into the care of another Dark Elf named Salms Balvadares, a ranking member of the mercenary organization known as the Fighters' Guild. Salms was a hard and stern man, more of a drillmaster than a father. But he taught Garyn how to fight with a sword, how to move in armor, and how to repair his own equipment. This lasted until the elder Balvadares's sudden death of heart failure when Garyn was in his twenties and not yet ready to take over for his adoptive father.

The Guild went to pieces without him. Garyn tried to stop the downward spiral of both the Guild and his own life, but failed on both counts, committing involuntary manslaughter instead.

But less than two years into his sentence, he was taken from his cell, thrown into the hold of a prison barge, and sent without explanation to the province of Morrowind, by order of the Emperor himself. Upon disembarking, he was given a sackful of cash and a package, to be delivered to a certain Caius Cosades in the city of Balmora. As he enters his employ, he begins to learn more and more about a local prophecy about a reincarnated Dunmer warlord, and the role that he has to play in that prophecy...

The Nerevarine is a fictional character from the Elder Scrolls series of games and is copyright Bethesda Softworks. He is being used solely for roleplaying purposes - no profit shall be made off his use.

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alchemy, defeating dagoth ur, heavy armor, long blade, medium armor, morrowind, nerevar, prophecy, spears
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