Dec. 10th, 2030

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The Garyn Balvadares who will be entering Milliways during AU week differs from the one you know in these respects:

The murder for which he was imprisoned, rather than a drunken brawl, was a deliberately planned assassination for which he was caught holding the bloody dagger. This led him down the path to becoming an assassin himself. Upon his release to Morrowind, he joined the ancient society known as the Morag Tong, where he learned the Dunmer way of honorable and secret murder.

Because this would be hard to convey (assassins don't announce themselves except by killing people), he will also come from a non-canonical future. Once this Garyn fulfilled the prophecy by defeating Dagoth Ur, slaying Almalexia, foiling King Helseth's plot against him, and surviving Hircine's plot in Solstheim, he engaged in a long power struggle with the devious king. This more ambitious version of Garyn succeeded in killing Helseth, routing his armies, and seizing the throne.

He retains many of the same ideals as he did before. But where he was once brooding and passive, he is now ruthless and powerful, imposing his will on his land and his people.

He has been coming to Milliways for a long but indeterminate period of time.


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