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Being a Concise Description of the Lands
Religion, and Diverse Customs of the Inhabitants,
Most Especially Those of the Eastern Province of Morrowind

Dedicated to Uriel VII, Blessed of Heaven, Emperor, and Father and Son of Emperors,
Inspiration of Faith and Safeguard of Justice, Long May He Reign

Good welcome!

It is a glorious time to be a citizen of the Empire. The chaos of Jagar Tharn's Simulacrum is subsided, and Tamriel now enjoys a level of peace and prosperity unmatched in all of history. The Empire has changed much since the early days of our Emperor's reign, and more still since the time of Tiber Septim. Even its best understood provinces are changing and evolving in ways which would surprise even the most learned of travelers.

Yet it has been over four hundred years since Tiber Septim commissioned his Pocket Guide to the Empire, and nearly a century since the Second Edition was published during the reign of Morihatha. The concise, encyclopedic tomes which had served as a guide to public understanding of the wondrous variety and diversity of the peoples of the Empire are now woefully out of date. News of the other provinces now proceeds through gossip and rumor. Fact becomes twisted, inverted, and outright ignored in favor of superstition and even hatred. If the several provinces are to remain together as citizens of a united Empire, it behooves us to foster the best possible understanding among them.

Thus, in his wisdom, Emperor Uriel Septim VII has commissioned the Imperial Geographic Society to prepare a new Third Edition of the Pocket Guide to the Empire, to paint an accurate portrait of all her environs for the edification and enlightenment of her people. Unfortunately, due to the exhaustive nature of the research which must be conducted for such an undertaking, it shall be many years before the complete version might be released. Meanwhile, the Imperial geographers who conducted their separate investigation of the province of Morrowind upon the opening of Vvardenfell for new settlement in 3E 414 must withhold their research from the people until the other branches have finished. For those who might seek to travel or do business in the ever-more-lucrative Eastern provinces, this is an unacceptable delay.

It is therefore with great honor that I present to you this abbreviated version in advance of the publication of the Third Edition, which the Emperor has graciously allowed us to publish. This truncated version contains no more information than that which the Morrowind chapter of the Geographic Society can personally verify, and consequently contains fewer details on the other provinces than the complete version will upon publication. However, it is my humble hope that this guide shall prove useful until that day.

I remain as always a faithful servant of the Emperor,

- Jeanette Sitte
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